what is the biggest enemy of sea turtles?



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    Sea turtles have few enemies as adults. Tiger sharks are its largest enemy. 

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    As an addendum to the first (highly accurate) post on this page, I’d like to note how humans might be a big enemy for sea turtles.

    Although enemies for adult sea turtles are scant amongst wild animals, humans are arguably the biggest enemy to sea turtles. There is a history of active predation of turtles to collect their shells, but the most harm humans cause isn’t from hunting. Humans have been destroying sea turtle habitat for years, making reproduction difficult (fewer places to lay eggs, or making sea turtles resort to more dangerous egg-laying areas). Our litter and pollution can also hurt sea turtles.

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    Humans are the biggest enemy to sea turtles.  Leaving lights on at night during hatching season leads the newly hatched babies into streets rather than into the ocean.  Irresponsible boating and fishing techniques leads to more sea turtle deaths than any other cause.  Also, in light of this oil spill, we may see species close to extinction by the time all is said and done.

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    Another way in which humans are harmful to sea turtles is our production and use of plastic products which end up in the ocean, primarily single use plastic bags.  Many sea turtles mistake these bags for jellyfish, which are a primary food source for some species of turtles.  These bags are very harmful to the turtles once ingested and can lead to sickness and death.

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