What is the biggest eco village in the world?



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    The term eco village is a little bit vague. Do you mean environmental friendly? Energy efficient? Well the U.S. Green Building Council certified the Olympic Village in Vancouver to be “the greenest, most energy efficient and sustainable neighborhood on Earth”. I hope this helps. 

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    The Uk was give the green light to start on their 195-home eco village. This village and it’s creators are hoping that the building will be zero carbon by the year 2016. The village will “be constructed using energy efficient materials with some materials recycled from buildings on the existing site” They are also planning on having a ‘sustainable living hut’ which will have sustainable organic food and be a forum for people to discuss ecological issues. 

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    I believe Auroville in southern India might be the largest. It has over 1000 permanent residents, and hosts as many as 20,000 volunteers. Auroville self-identifies as an “eco-village.” At least Sadhana Forest, the section of Auroville in which I stayed for awhile, certainly refers to itself as an “eco-village.”

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