What is the biggest danger to using nuclear energy?



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    There really is no one central danger associated with nuclear energy. Nearly all risks involved with it’s production and use are equally devastating; Whether it’s mining uranium (see the link on the devastating impact uranium mining has had in parts of India), disposing of waste (the decay of nuclear waste can take nearly 30,000 years), or worrying about who’s using enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon (most notably the countries with existing stockpiles of weaponry amounting in enough firepower to destroy all life on the planet 10 times over, including the U.S.).

    The potential benefits of using nuclear power are undeniable (the prospect is especially alluring for developing countries), however there are several alternative modes of energy production which, if used together, could serve energy needs worldwide with little to no danger/environmental impact; not to mention the positive economic impact associated with creating diverse employment opportunities.

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