What is the biggest city that is in danger because of sea level rise?



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    Well probably New Orleans.  The city sits below sea level.  However, any coastal city will be somewhat in danger.  There are many cities that sit pretty close to sea level (since they have beaches)  so anything around the beaches would be in increased danger. 

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    Dhaka, Bangladesh (pop. ~7,000,000) and Calcutta, India (pop. ~5,500,000) are two of the biggest cities that will be completely devastated by a significant rise in sea levels.  Other major cities, such as London, New York, Buenos Aires, and Shanghai will be forced to spend huge amounts on flood defenses, and some countries, such as the Maldives (island nation in the Indian Ocean) will be completely under water.  As keithplya9 said, much of New Orleans is below sea level, so it will be submerged as well, along with a large percentage of the Netherlands.

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