What is the biggest city in America that has a sustainability plan?



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    New York.  It is the biggest city in America and has some impressive sustainability goals it hopes to reach by 2030.  There are 10 major goals it hopes to achieve:

    1. Create affordable and sustainable housing for a billion New Yorkers
    2. Ensure all New Yorkers live with a 10 minute walk to a park by creating more open spaces
    3. Clean up contaminated land
    4. Open 90% of waterways for recreation and reduce water pollution
    5. Create back-up systems for aging water network
    6. Add public transit capacity
    7. Repair roads, subways, and railways
    8. Provide clean and reliable power
    9. Achieve cleanest air of any city in America
    10. Reduce global warming emissions by 30%

    Go New York!

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