What is the biggest change we can make for the earth?



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    Become leavers instead of takers. (Read Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn)… No, (well, u should read it, but) what this means is that we should change our habits of daily life so that we are not taking so much from the earth in the way of resources and energy. We should not think we are entitled to anything we can get our hands on (in the way of oil, food, energy and more) and what we do have we should value enough to use, instead of letting it go to waste.  There are human beings out there that are leavers—these are the people leading Subsistence Lifestyles—we have a lot to learn from them! We can cut back on how much we TAKE tremendously—Right now, each and everyone of us is probably guilty of taking something we don’t need from the earth and wasting it… I bet if you think about it, you can find some ways to cut back on consumption, waste, and over-use of resources yourself. (I know I still have a lot to work on too; and I think about this $%^&* every day!)

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