What is the biggest change a person has to make to be sustainable?



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    The path to becoming sustainable is really a combination of little steps. Part of the reason it is so hard to get people to take green living seriously is that the small steps towards sustainability seem so inconsequential and ineffective. For example, turning lights off when you leave a room, unplugging cell phone chargers when not in use, not letting the faucet run excessively, riding your bike or walking, composting, recycling, reducing waste, etc. However, when everyone does these things it has a huge effect. So, being conscious and taking those little steps is the biggest change a person has to make.

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    I agree with chantez. The biggest change is the mental shift. We, especially Americans, are brought up in a culture where we believe that everything should be accessible and easy. Committing to a sustainable lifestyle means making some challenging life changes (like the ones mentioned above: reducing meat consumption and choosing eco-friendly forms of transportation).
    The good news is that that old maxim “Every little bit counts” is really true in this case. The little stuff, like turning off lights and unplugging your cell phone charger, adds up and really makes a difference…especially if we ALL start doing it!

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