What is the biggest building powered completely by wind power?



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    Rotating skyscraper powered by windWith wind being a problem for most skyscrapers, architect Dr. David Fisher decided to utilize the wind rather than avoid it. The first ‘moving’ skyscraper will feature 80 independently rotating floors with another stagnant 70-floor structure on top. The power for the structure will be supplied by virtually silent horizontal wind turbines installed between floors that are practically invisible from street level. While the building isn’t completely powered by wind, due to the sheer size of the skyscraper, the building does utilize solar power and natural lighting throughout to minimize environmental their environmental footprint. Costing only a mere $700 million to build and with apartments inside ranging from $3.7m- $36m, Dubai’s newest skyscraper will prove to be an amazing spectacle when it is finished. Construction is underway now in Dubai with plans for a second rotating skyscraper in Moscow.  

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