What is the biggest advantage of being green?



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    Being green is a broad term.  It can be used to describe how you eat, how you shop, how you use energy and how you live your daily life.  But in all of the categories, it is used to describe either a more natural or less harmful way of living.  The biggest advantage of being green is a healthier life.  Organic food is healthier for your body and the land it was grown or produced on.  Shopping green supports companies who are using more natural methods of production.  Using green energy is making a statement that our current energy infrastructure is harming the planet (and ultimately ourselves) and you are helping to support better alternatives.  And by doing these things, you are living a greener life, thus improving your own health.  

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    Depending on your values, being green can benefit you in different ways.  If you are concerned with money and financial gain, there are significant tax incentives for making green purchases (hybrid and electric cars, energy efficient improvements to your home, etc.).  If you are more satisfied with personal fulfillment, consider how much of an impact you can have on your environment by being carbon neutral, or at least making “greener” lifestyle choices.  As mentioned above, eating organic foods supports the production of pesticide-free food, arugably benefits your health, and (if produced locally) stimulates your local economy. 

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