What is better for the planet, non-organic, locally produced foods or organic foods that are shipped from afar?



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    There is not a single correct answer to this question. It is largely suspect to opinion and the answer may vary from case to case. In my opinion, the choice of whether to support local or organic food is difficult and should be based on the product. For example, if I am choosing between buying organic orange juice from Florida or local orange juice with additives, I may choose the organic from Florida. As a native Californian with plenty or oranges in my own backyard, it’s clear that buying orange juice because it’s from Florida does not make sense. However, it is also a relatively short distance for a food product to be flown comparatively speaking to the pasta or sauce I could buy from Italy. Rather than support a system which profits from sending foods across the globe, in the latter case I would buy local whether the product is organic or not. In making this decision it is important to consider the industry backing or controlling the production and sale of an undesirable product and which industry you prefer not to support. 

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