What is a better movie soilent green or mad max?



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    This depends on your preferences. However RottenTomatoes.com listed Mad Max at 95% on the Tomatometer and Soylent Green at 71% on the tomatometer. In my experience this meter has been a great indicator of whether a movie is good or not.

    Based on this I would say Mad Max is the better movie. To see reviews see the links below.

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    On Rottentomatoes.com Soylent Green is rated 71% fresh, while Mad Max is rated 95% fresh, and on IMDB Soylent Green is rated 7 out of 10, while Mad Max is 6.9 out of 10, so Mad Max is the better movie.

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    Both a good movies, and which one is better depends on preferences. Mad Max is more of an action movie than Soylent Green is. Each film takes a unique perspective on its own environmental theme: Mad Max deals with the scarcity of oil, while Soylent Green deals with over population, wide spread unemployment and poverty, and scarcity of food. Both movies hit close to home on their respective visions, but they both hit miss the mark on a few cues. Popular Mechanics did a list of the 10 most prophetic movies of all time and they gave #8 to Soylent Green and #3 to The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2).

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