What is the best wood for chair and benches?

I live in southern Brasil and want to do some garden chair and benches; what’s the best and cheapest woods to use?

Thank you all, Jorge.



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    The best wood to use to make furniture is mahogany.  Mahogany is a medium-to-hard wood that is actually indigenous to South and Central America and Africa. 

    Mahogany’s strength and endurance make it a fine wood for furniture because it is most resistent to scratches and dings.  It is also a great carving wood because it is strong enough to withstand significant pressure but also soft enough to be able to be molded. 

    It has a medium grain, is usually a tan or reddish-brown color and is extremely resistant to decay.  Also, the rings of the tree are not as visible as in other types of wood, making the outward appearance smooth and silky. 

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