What is the best way that we divert garbage from landfills?



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    The best way we divert garbage from landfills is by recycling.  By recycling, we are able to reuse materials that would normal sit for decades or centuries in a landfill.  Other methods we use are biological treatments, such as composting, and thermal treatment, such as incineration.  Thermal treatment can be used in many cases to produce usable energy, but it can also be harmful to the environment through air pollution.

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    Another great way to divert garbage from the landfill is to not create it. Reducing the amount of materials we consume starts with purchasing products. If you purchase in bulk, or trade with a friend, or buy from garage sales, then you are reducing the amount of potential trash that goest to the landfill. Also, many materials can be repurposed for other uses–for example, I like to use milk and orange juice containers for planting, yougurt containers are great for storing leftovers, and I always have a use for a glass jar.

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    There are some companies that are seeking to create biomass energy from landfill waste.  For example, Sainsbury, a UK grocery chain utilizes its own food waste to generate biofuel and electricity for their stores.  Converting waste into power is another great form of reducing waste.

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