What is the best way towards an environmental career?

I’m a high school student, and I work to benefit the environment in some way. I’ve considered research and resource management, although I’m open to other ideas. Right now, I want to major in either chemistry, biology, or biochemistry. Which would you recommend, and what should I think of in college? Thanks for any help!



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    It’s entirely dependent on you and your academic interests (some of which you probably don’t realize yet). Any of those three majors would provide an excellent foundation, and you can always switch if you’re unsatisfied. There are many courses of study that lend themselves well to an environmental career – I just got my B.A. in political science and it’ll allow me to transition into environmental policy graduate studies smoothly.

    For now, just go with your instinct and what you truly enjoy. If you’re absolutely leaning towards the research/scientific aspect, biology or ecology would be a great initial choice.

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    Many colleges allow you to create your own major now. I would really recommend you seeking some of those institutions out. You could study any number of subjects with a concentration in the environmental aspect. It is a really great time to be a student. You will be surprised where you degree will take you.

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    Remember that the major you choose in college is not the sole determinant of what you do with your life. A liberal arts education will provide you with a foundation to think critically and address all sorts of problems, and every science can be applied to environmental issues. My recommendation would be to see what interests you most without worrying about your career. And remember, what you do outside of the classroom will prepare you for the professional world, as well, and many colleges have very active environmental student groups.

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    Many colleges have environmental studies programs that range from government policy as related to the environment to chemical analysis. But if you’re interested in a career dealing with environmental problems, I’d look to further your studies by looking at environment programs in college. 

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    Maybe try to get an environmentally-related summer job or internship. That would be a great way to get a little experience and see how you like it.

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    Check out articles about jobs and look at actual job openings on sites like treehugger.com and sustainablebusiness.com – you can better judge which path is right for you when you know how much a job pays and how it will fulfill you intellectually (what responsibilities you’ll have), etc. I would definitely suggest interning, once you get an idea, because it’s like a trial run of a job. 

    There are green jobs out there for just about any interest you may have. From conservation to farming, environmental journalism, engineering, law and policy (you can actually be an environmental lawyer), and fashion. Once you find out what you want to be, mapping out how to get there gets a lot more easy. Here are some articles you might be interested in:

    High-paying green jobs (Forbes)




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    You don’t necessarily have to study environmental science in college in order to have an environmental career. You can study anything you like. All sorts of companies are doing green things that don’t require an environmental science background, like marketing for a green product, litigating, teaching, etc… You should try to stay on top of current environmental issues via the news or industry publications or involvement with professional associations or volunteering. Try to expose yourself to a variety of topics because the environmental field is very multi-disciplinary, so you want to be able to understand an issue from multiple perspectives. Most importantly, just go out there, work hard, meet people and get experience (any kind of experience, even if its unpaid)!

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