What is the best way to talk to a roommate that wastes water and energy?



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    In order to avoid getting into a potential argument, it may be best to break the ice by sending them something humorous (see the first link below).  After sharing some laughs, maybe then you can suggest a change of habit by passing them more informative resources, such as the second link.

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    I think the best way would be to confront the person in a nice manner. If they are someone who is concerned about money, point out to them how much money is spent on extra water and electricity. Perhaps show them the bill and suggest ways that you both can save money (unplug your cell phone charger, use cold water in the washer, turn off the water when brushing your teeth). Start out by suggesting small changes and see if those can be accomplished (you do not want to come across as mean or push too much on them all at once because they may become more resistent to change).

    A lot of times people simply do not realize that they alone can make a difference. Try to set up goals that both of you will work towards (lowering the electric bill by $3 for next month, as an example). Make it a sort of game that is rewarded (if we lower the electric bill by $3 we will go have ice cream, for example).

    I think the biggest thing is to just make small changes until you get your roommate on board with being more environmentally-friendly. Change is difficult and takes time, but is often worth it in the end.

    Good lucK!

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    I agree with all of these posts and think the best way is to not approach the situation in an angered or irritated state.  You can start by explaining how important energy conservation is to you personally, and then expand by saying how vital it is to the world as a whole.  Your roommate is probably not wasting energy on purpose, so make sure not to accuse him/her of anything.

    You can also tell your roommate how much money you both can save if he/she changes his/her habits.  If you can calculate some numbers with regard to your water and energy bills every month that would be some great evidence to support your suggestions.  It’s hard to argue with saving money AND being environmentally friendly.  

    Hope the conversation goes well and I wish you all the best! 

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    The best way would be to approach your roommate in a light (but still objective) manner. If you share the rent fee (including electricity and water), I understand how aggravating it can be to have a roommate that inflates the bill. In addition to inflating the bill, it’s just annoying to witness someone who wastes energy and water, with no concerns for the environment. Perhaps you can talk to your roommate jokingly (but not exactly joking so that she doesn’t get the point) and remind her whenever she lets out her old habits. Be patient and considerate. 

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    You can always lead by example, which I am sure you may be doing. Putting energy efficient bulbs in the place can help. You can always turn off the lights when your roommate doesn’t and ask kindly if they can try harder to remember in the future. You can also ask them if they need the light on and then notify them you are turning it off. This will make them think about what they are actually using more. 

    The best approach is to show your roommate the energy and water bills. Water is oddly a cheaper bill most of the time than other utilities, but energy costs can be really high. You can always tell your roommate that you are saving up for something and are trying to cut rent costs. Ask them if they will help you to save up. You can always get some facts to support your cause (turning off lights can reduce your energy bill 10-20%). Something I have done that is helpful is put electronics in a power strip instead of wall outlets. This lets me turn them all off at once and prevent any wall drain when items aren’t in use. You can invest in some power strips and turn them off at night to shut down your electronics. 

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