what is the best way to start a herb garden if you are living in an apartment?



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    You can grow your herbs in containers. If you have a balcony or ledges, you could make it a green space during the growing months. During you winter, you can also grow herbs, as long as you have a good amount of sunlight coming through. I’ve grown basil, parsley, and rosemary during the winter months. Just be careful with basil – it’s sensitive to the cold!

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    You can grow herbs indoors with artificial lights fairly easily.  Walk into any hydroponic gardening supply store and they will set you up with the equipment you need.  You can build your own rudimentary indoor gardening system as long as you have enough light to stimulate growth.  Typically, a T5 compact fluorescent light provides enough light to grow small plants such as tomatoes or herbs.  At that point, you just need seeds, containers (and probably a tray to catch excess water), and a small fan in the room for air exchange.  You would also need a timer which can hook up to your wall outlet to mimic the number of daylight hours in nature, and a lightproof area to grow the plants.  See your local indoor gardening store for more information.

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    Like others said, containers are a great way to grow herbs, and some herbs, like parsley and chives, really thrive in containers.  You can buy special lights to make sure the herbs get all the sun they need.

    I wanted to add another suggestion: if you have a small porch or fire escape, like some apartments do, you can make larger containers out of barrel halves or tires.  You can put little holes in the barrel where you plant the plants and they will grow out the sides and, depending on the herb, eventually cover the barrel.

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