What is the best way to show we’re thankful for the Earth on Thanksgiving?



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    Practice sustainability by minimizing waste and consuming local foods.  Thanksgiving is also a great way to get together with family and friends and discuss sustainability and current environmental issues.

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    I think the best way would be to host a sustainable Thanksgiving dinner.  Skip meat as a means to support anti-factory farming action.  Put leftovers in a compost bin instead of throwing them out.  Also, you could donate food to a local food bank.  For more ways to host an eco-friendly Thanksgiving, follow the link below.

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    Invite more people over so no food gets wasted. Buy your food from local growers. Reduce waste by giving leftovers away and compost any food left on plates. Be energy conscious by not using many lights and keeping the television off. Build a fire instead of using a heater and place candles throughout the house for extra light. 


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