What is the best way to save money by going green?



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    One effective and easy way to go green while saving money is to unplug elecrtrical appliances while you’re not using them.  Many appliances are “vampires” that continue to burn electricity even when switched off.  So when you unplug them, you’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions and your electricity bill.

    If you want more information, I wrote a  blog post about it here:


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    There are many things you can do at home that will save you ‘green’ while going green. One simple things is to re-insulate your home. Most people don’t even know the insulation or the air exchange rate of their home, but here’s a tip; if your insulation is not at least R-50 you are losing money. 

    Another simple thing that can be done to save money on your water bill is to invest in a slow flow shower head and/or a water efficient toilet, which will help some of your dollars from literally going down the drain. 

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