What is the best way to save gas in your car?



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    There are some tricks you can do to get slightly better gas mileage, like coasting when you can, idling less, getting rid of excess weight in the car (like cleaning out your trunk), and making sure your engine is running at top form. But, the best way to save gas is probably to drive less, for example by doing errands all in one trip, or carpooling more. For more tips, see the site below.   

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    Make sure if you have to drive in order to make it to a location that you are getting the most out of those miles. Bundling outings together can really make a big difference. Instead of hitting up the grocery store and then realizing once you are back home that your forgot to pick up the dry cleaning or stop by the bookstore, make a list before you leave in the morning that will keep your tasks on hand.

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    At least 10 additional suggestions in previous answers:

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    This is overlooked a bit, but keeping your tires properly inflated is crucial to getting consistently good gas mileage. Most of the suggestions from previous answers are good – making less trips to accomplish more things at one time is probably the most efficient and realistic. Also, try to eschew A/C and heat unless absolutely necessary – in the summer I prefer to put my windows down, for instance (unless it’s insufferably warm/humid).

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