What is the best way to save energy for university computers when they are inactive?

We have found that hibernation often locks up a computer, which requires the next person to need to enter the default user account password. The biggest trouble is in our computer labs, where we have the computers set to do an automatic login, but users don’t know that password when they go into hibernation. We’re looking for the balance of best energy savings, and least nuisance to “wake up.”



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    I would think that the best way to save energy would be to shut them off when they are inactive. Many computers labs have several computers that go for a long time without being used and they end up just consuming energy. You could put a note on the monitor or some place visible what the password is. When I went to school at Northeastern University, to log into any computer you needed to enter your own personalized usernname and password which was up to each person to remember. Shutting off computers that will be inactive for many hours will save enough energy to make worth the ‘nuisance’ of waking up or turning on.

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      We have been providing the password to users all along, but that was still a nuisance. Last summer, we decided to not use hibernation after a specific amount of idle time, but they do hibernate when the cover is closed, before it completely shuts down, and we have been asking students to shut down the laptop at the end of class.

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