what is the best way to remove weeds from my garden

I have so many weeds in my garden and lawn what is the best way to remove them.



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    Since I don’t know what type of weeds you’re looking to get rid of, I can’t really give an all-purpose answer that will take care of everything.  Different types of weeds require different strategies.  That being said, here’s a general overview of how to deal with unwanted plants.

    -Water your lawn/garden deeply and infrequently.  Lighter, more frequent watering can cause overall drying of the soil and shallow roots, which allows for the germination of crabgrass, chick weed, sedges, and other annual weed plant seeds.  Lawns need about an inch of water per week, so give your lawn a deep weekly soaking instead of watering every day.

    -Don’t mow your lawn down below 3 inches.  Cutting the grass any shorter gets rid of much of the grass leaf that takes in sunlight and other nutrients while allowing sunlight to reach to soil, making it easier for weed seeds to sprout.

    -Hand pull your weeds, making sure to extract all of the roots from the ground.  Use a garden spade to loosen the soil around the weed before grasping the weed as close to the root as you can.  Pull out the weed carefully, taking care to avoid quick or jerky movements that can sever the plant from the roots.

    -When using herbicide, make sure to read labels.  Using the wrong type of herbicide or using it incorrectly can kill your lawn or garden while failing to properly target the weeds.

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    Getting rid of weeds can be tedious and time consuming, but it is most helpful to find the root of the problem. Most people will suggest various herbicides, but these can be dangerous to people, pets, and even the lawn itself. Typically, if you physically remove the weed all the way down to it’s root, the chances that it will return are remote; some people think that just snipping what above ground will do the trick, but with the roots in place, it will come back. Growing a thick lawn can also reduce weed growth because the tightly-knit blades of grass will crowd out weed seedlings and block out the sunlight needed to grow. You may also want to look around the area to see where the weed seedlings come from, like a neighbor’s yard or local park. 

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