What is the best way to relieve stress?



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    Some of the best ways to relieve stress for me: working out, yoga, taking a long hot bath, doing on a walk, and being in nature (like a quiet forest)

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    There is no single best way to relieve stress because everyone handles stress differently and likes to unwind in different ways. Various ideas on how this may be done can be found at the link below.

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    Exercise is probably one of the best stress reducers out there. Our bodies respond to stress by tightening and contracting, so even a little bit of exercise like walking or stretching starts to get the muscles warm and loose. Exercise helps blood and oxygen flow through the body, which helps clear your thinking. Sometimes exercise also produces endorphins, which are hormones that give you that happy, elated feeling. They call it a “runner’s high” for a good reason – those endorphins leave you feeling really good.

    Our bodies need regular exercise, and for all the stress, anxiety and depression out there in the world, a few minutes (30-60) of exercise a day will help you stay clear-headed, relaxed and joyful, not to mention the myriad health benefits to your body in general.

    Personally, I love yoga because it helps the mind sync with the rhythm of the body and the breath, and I love running and racquetball to really get my heart pumping. But I don’t always have time to go to the gym, so even a short 20 minute walk with the dog or on the phone with a friend will start to reduce your stress. And the key is consistency! I struggle with this in such a busy, hectic world, but strive, strive, strive for regular exercise!

    P.S. Hot baths are one of my faves as well. And it’s personal for everyone, some people swear by meditation, some get to their happy place through music or cooking or drawing – what is important with crafts is that an automatic task gives the brain something to focus on instead of running around in circles.

    Probably the worst thing for stress is inaction. Just sitting and dwelling never got anyone anywhere. Got to get up and move!

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    If you want a quick and easy way to relieve stress, let loose and have a good scream say what ever you want about anything you want however you want. Trust me by the time your done you will want to back that up with a nice warm bubble bath and a funny movie and you will sleep like a baby.

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    Deep breathing and meditation can help a lot

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    Being creative can help me with stress. You should try reading, writing, painting, crafting, dancing, making music, or working on any other kind of hobby or project. It will focus your attention and distract you from your stresses, but you will also be being productive. It will help you focus and calm down too.

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