What is the best way to reduce our dependence on oil?



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    I think the best way is to find other sources of fuel. There are a lot of options, and I think that it would not be hard for us soon to be relying on alternative sources of fuel. 

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    Oil use is so multi-faceted.  We use oil in the production of most everything, to name only a few: Soap, gasoline, electronics, perfumes, deodorants, toothpaste, sports equipment, tires, paint, aspirin, balloons (the list goes on and on, check out http://www.ranken-energy.com/Products%20from%20Petroleum.htm for many more).

    There are numerous things we can be doing in our daily lives to reduce our dependancy on oil and petroleum.  Drive less, or use public transport or carpool, consume less (assess necessities and separate them from luxury items), buy locally produced clothes, food, materials, anything you can (the delivery of products made in Chine or India or wherever else uses oil and gas), buy organic (many pesticides use petroleum products), use reusable bags and bottles.  The link below provides a few more ways to reduce your daily dependency on oil products.

    Yes oil is used at tremendous rates in our automobiles, but oil and petroleum products and the way that our goods are produced and shipped all the way around the world have a huge impact on our oil use.  The best way to reduce our need is for the consumers to dictate a change, and this comes with many little steps.  If you remove the demand for a product, you remove the product from the market!

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