What is the best way to recycle my Christmas tree?



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    My standard “Go To” site for all things in need of being recycled is Earth911.com.  You can type in what you want to recycle and where and they will generate for you a list of places you can go.  As for the “best” way to recycle you tree – HERE’S A SITE that has 8 incredible way to do the good deed 🙂

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    There are many recycling centers that will accept Christmas trees.  The trees are usually used to create mulch or fertilizer.  Search the site below for the closest tree recycling center to you.  (However, Christmas trees are biodegradable, so if you can’t get to one, you shouldn’t worry about it too much!)

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    In addition to using used christmas trees for mulch or fertilizer, they can also be shredded and used to “pave” hiking trails. Even old christmas trees that have sunk into a lake or river bed can provide safe cover and sanctuary for fish. If you’re accustomed to using a wood-burning stove, you can chop up the wood and burn it, but burning wood is not the best option, as it reduces air quality and allows toxins to enter the lungs.

    While some people believe that Christmas tree farms are not good for the environment, especially because pesticide runoff can be harmful to the environment, there are many farms now committed to keeping it green. Moreover, the trees grown on these farms each year release a great deal of clean, breathable oxygen into the air, and also provide habitat for nearby wildlife.

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