What is the best way to recycle lipstick?



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    One thing you can do is take the remaining amount of lipstick (when you’re running low) and mix it with Vaseline in a separate container to make lip gloss. Honestly, it’s better just to use all your lipstick rather than to just recycle it!

    However if you mean to recycle the lipstick container when the lipstick itself is all gone, you can use it to carry pills, pins, band-aids, bobby pins, etc. Be creative!

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    One way to recycle old makeup products is to add it to paint. You can change the color of the paint by using old blush or lipstick. You can also use your old lipsticks as markers. Your old mascara brush can be used as a highlight brush for your hair. You can also use the brush as an eyebrow brush. You can also use old conditioner on your hands. If you have to do work on your car or mechanical work, you can put conditioner on your hands and when you are done working, the oil and grease will wash off a lot easier. Old eyeliner can be used for arts and crafts projects.

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