What is the best way to purchase fresh seafood?



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    Fresh seafood is one of those food items that is often, by necessity local. Meaning in order to have access to really fresh seafood you need to live near the coast in a place that has a fishing population, from Rhode Island to Maine, Oregon to Alaska. In these places, there is sometimes fish markets that sell an array of fresh seafood, in the same way that a farmers market sells fresh veggies. One of the most famous is Pike’s Place Market in Seattle. Or you need to live in a large enough metropolitan area that has  a large enough market for fresh seafood to have in flown in. There are some smaller grocery stores that are known for carrying fresh seafood, but you will have to ask around in your town to know where that is. And if you live in the middle of the country, you might just be out of luck. 

    There are options for purchasing fresh seafood on line, but it rather expensive. (http://www.freshseafood.com/)

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    Using the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Guide is also a good tool to help you purchase seafood. This manual(also available in app form for Iphone) ensures that you are aware of which kind of seafood to buy and avoid. It is necessary to keep comsumers and businesses aware of the importance of ocean friendly seafood for both our own health and the planet’s. Just because a type of seafood may be local, it does not mean that it was from a sustainable source or sustainably caught.

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