What is the best way to prove global warming?



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    The best way to prove global warming is to pay attention to the current ice caps. The ice caps are melting at a rapid rate; they play a huge factor towards global warming. Also, certain gases in the atmosphere like carbon dioxide keep heat from returning to space. You can also measure co2 since humans have started to using fossil fuels. co2 is increasing every year due to our activites. Notice the weather too, there are hotter and cooler seasons & the temperature of the earth is rising by a fraction every year. 

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    There is actually quite a substantial amount of evidence that proves the existence of global warming. For instance, the global sea level has risen 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) within the last century, and the rate within the last decade is double that of the last century. Surface temperatures are continually increasing, and have been since 1880. In fact, ten of the warmest years occurred within the last twelve years. Since 1969, the oceans have increased in temperature by 0.302 degrees Fahrenheit. The ice sheets are continually decreasing. Greenland, for example, has lost 36-60 cubic miles (150-250 cubic kilometers) of ice annually between 2002 and 2006. Record high temperatures and rainfall events have also been increasing over the years. Additionally, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has substantially increased. For more information on the available evidence, please visit the link provided.

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    If you are trying to prove global warming to someone who is denying it, it is always good to explain that there is a big difference between global warming and climate change. People who deny global warming will often use the argument that we still have cold winters so “obviously” it’s a myth. The temperature of our planet is rising mostly due to the greenhouse effect and the way that our use of fossil fuels affects that. This is what most people call “global warming”. Climate change is regional climate changes including temperature changes, humidity, rainfal; wind and severe weather.   These are all results of global warming. So, the argument that it is still hot in the summer and cold in the winter is not a sound argument because environmental changes go far beyond that. Depleting ozone leads to higher temperatures, higher sea levels and more moisture in the air which causes severe weather more often. So next time someone says “Hey it’s snowing. Where’s your global warming?” wait for the next blizzard and tornado and use it as an opportunity to inform.

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    Proving the greenhouse effect itself is easy to do with a little experiment. The Myth Busters did it on their “Young Scientist Special” episode. If you can get a DVD of that episode, it is well worth watching. They make three identical ice sculptures and place them in airtight containers with regular air, carbon dioxide, and methane. Then, they shine heat lamps of equal wattage on them. The ice sculptures with the methane and carbon dioxide melt faster than the control.

    Plus, there is another good reason to watch that episode. They have a great segment on electric cars!

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