What is the best way to preserve glaciers?



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    Any way to reduce or slow global warming will help our glaciers stay intact.  There are some interesting methods aimed at saving glaciers.  In Peru, the glaciers of an Andean mountain disappeared, so nearby villagers are painting the mountaintop with an environmentally friendly whitewash.  They are hoping that the whitewash will reflect enough sunlight to make the moutaintop cold enough to regrow the glacier.  In the Italian Alps, workers are insulating glaciers with white sheets to reduce melt in the summer heat.  A German ski resort tried a similar approach.

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    Protecting our earth will reward us by keeping our glaciers, well glaciers. The reason our glaciers are melting at alarming rates is because our climate is changing. What Eyre said about whitewashing is swell because everything helps, but keep in mind the polar ice caps are also melting. We need to seriuosly clean the lifestyle of our species.

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