What is the best way to pick up your dogs poop when you take them for a walk?



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    It could be the way that makes you bend over least, or the way that gets the most poop, or the way that is the cheapest in terms of cost, or the way that involves materials (pooper scoopers, plastic bags, whatever) that are the least impactful on the environment in their manufacture, or the method that causes the least grief to your pet, or several other “bests.”

    Just do it in whatever way suits you.

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    Personally, I like the biodegradable, reversible bags where you put your hand in, grab the paydirt, and then turn the bag inside out. Minimal waste-hand contact.

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    There is an ever expanding market for biodegradable poop bags for dogs. If we continue to support small companies that offer these simple solutions, we will see an increase of these types of products on the market.

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    The biodegradable bags mentioned are a good option, as are plastic grocery bags (if you use them). I always take one for back up, but in my opinion the best thing you can do is to train your dog to go in bushes or ivy where no one will know the difference and no one will step in it. This is surprisingly easy to do by telling them “no” (or “wait”) when they are going in a yard and then rushing them to the bushes/ivy. If you reward them with a treat when they go in the ivy and don’t when they go out in the open, they get the picture pretty quickly. This worked with my incredibly stubborn dog, so it’s worth giving a shot. I wouldn’t suggest telling them “no” if you are trying to potty train them in general though, because you don’t want to confuse them about going outside.

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    What my family does when picking up dog waste is using plastic bags that we have left over from grocery shopping, if we didn’t use our reusable bags at Aldi. Like the other answerers, biodegradable bags are another great option. For the actual poop picking-up maneuver, the best technique is to use the bag as a glove and pick up the waste, then turn it inside out and tie the bag shut.

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