What is the best way to mop a floor?



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    First you will need to gather your supplies. You will need a mop suited for your type of floor. You will also need a bucket of water mixed with soap or another cleaner.

    Next, pre-clean the floor. Either vacuum or sweep the floor to remove large debris from it.

    Next, take your mop and put it in the bucket, soaking up the cleaner and water. Remove the mop from the bucket and wring out excess water. Next you can begin to mop. Mop, in straight lines, from one side of the floor to the other. If your mopping water becomes dirty you will need to change it out for clean water with new soap or cleaners.

    Now put up your supplies and you are finished.

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    The previous answer is great! I’ve had my share of mopping large kitchens, and pre-cleaning the floor is especially important. It annoys me whenever I’m mopping and there are parts of the floor that are still dirty – especially those hard-to-get to places like under the fridge. Depending on the damage on the floor, using a good degreaser will work wonders on…well grease.

    Ultimatley, the “best way” depends on what room you are cleaning. For most rooms, starting at the farthest corner and working backward toward the door is recommended. However, I never do this. Another good tip is to frequently flip the mphead as you work – this helps get rid of that pesk re-depositing of soil from the mop. Now if you’re mopping a hallway, mop the floor along the edge of the baseboard. The mophead should just touch the baseboard while mopping that porting of the floor. Thats all I got.

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    The finest way to mop the floor is always differs that depends upon the type of floor. For example if there is a wood floor then it benefits from a extremely light damp mopping with cold water and mild wood friendly soap solutions. Whereas stone floors can be wash down with hot water and extra aggressive soaps. At the same time as the essential mopping procedure remains more or less the same in all cases, your choice of soap is crucial.

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    It depends what type of floor you have If you would like to clean limestone floor it can be a quite simple task. Though, you do require taking care with limestone as it is flat to damage by acid based products because it is a calcium-based product. In general terms, limestone is rather soft when compared to granite or certainly marble. Just use cold water with mild detergent solutions…

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