What is the best way to make your groceries last longer?



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    The best thing to do is utilize leftovers. Leftovers may have a negative sound to it, but you can stretch out a dinner you made to be the lunch you take to work and dinner the next night. Another suggestion is to add water to liquids such as juices and sauces.

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    Proper storage will help individual products to last longer. Be sure that cereals and grains are sealed in plastic containers to keep out humidity and insects. Store things in reusable containers and seal freezer items in freezer bags or with a sealer to keep out frostbite. Make sure to rotate your stock when you buy new things so you use the older products first, helping to ensure you will not have to throw them out because they are past-date.

    You can also purchase things that you use a lot of in bulk to reduce packaging and trips to the grocery store. Have a refridgerator and freezer that are energy-efficient and running well so that food storage is at its best.

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    Using green produce bags is also an excellent way to make your fruits and vegetables last longer. The ones that I’ve used can be re-used several times as well. Check out the link below for a selection of them.

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