What is the best way to make a sunburn feel better?



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    I would say aloe is the best option.  You can buy aloe vera gel at the drugstore or you can use pure aloe vera juice mixed with vitamin E moisturizer and apply it to your sunburn. 

    If you just got the sunburn you can take an aspirin to ease the pain within 24 hours of getting the burn.  Applying apple cider vinegar or ice will also help your sunburn.

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    There are many natural home remedies that you can use, but the most common ones seem to be aloe vera gel and white vinegar. Though there are no studies that prove the efficacy of either of these remedies in healing sunburns, people do report that they provide sunburn relief. Aloe vera gel is supposed to soothe the burn, and it is should be sold in drug stores. If you have an aloe vera plant, you can simply cut off one of its spears and use the gel directly. White vinegar can also be applied to sunburns to relieve pain. You can also create a vinegar-water solution (equal parts) to put into a spritz bottle so that you can spray affected areas.

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    Keeping the area cool and moist are the best external treatments. Like others have mentioned, aloe is good for both of these things. I would use something natural like aloe or another moisturizer that doesn’t contain too many weird chemicals or alcohol, even after the burn starts peeling. I’ve also heard of using olive oil, though that might irritate certain skin types. Drinking lot of water is always good, as you are likely dehydrated if you have a sunburn, and it will help swelling. Also, for the pain, taking an over the counter pain killer like ibuprofen should help as an internal measure.

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