What is the best way to make money being green?



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    If you’re willing to make money through your labor, then installing alternative energy in homes will make you a living. Also installing organic gardens for people in their yards.

    If you’re talking about making piles of money, you have to spend some to make some… investing in a company (or starting one) and is doing R&D on new energy or starting an organic farm.

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    One way to make money while being green is to find a market for a green product or service or make a current product or service green. Environmental awareness has increased and some consumers are willing to pay a little extra for a product that has less of an impact on the environment. Sustainable businesses practices not only make sense for the environment but also save money on energy and reduce resource consumption.

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    I would suggest learning to install solar panels on rooftops. This circumvents the need of getting all of our energy from large energy plants, no matter how green they may be.

    Otherwise, I’d consider the longer yet more beneficial route of becoming an engineer bent on solving water supply shortages. Maybe study desalinization and create a better, less energy-intensive means of getting fresh water from the ocean. That would truly aid the planet and make you alot of money, to boot.

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