What is the best way to lose weight fast?



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    “Fast” is not a word I would ever use when referring to weight loss because if your not looking to cut any corners your not going to kill that weight very fast.

    Here are a few tips:

    Smaller portions: Try eating small portions and dividing up your daily intake (so like 5-7 meals a day every two hours or so). This will kick up your metabolism over the course of several weeks which will help you burn fat faster during exercise (which everyone knows is a must).

    Another thing is eating your veggies! They are a must not only because they are healthy but also because they fill you up fast and have several essential vitamins and antioxidants good for killing the fat.

    One other thing that really kills fat is muscle. By working your body and developing muscle you will be building an iron hammer that will drive fat out your body more quickly. I would suggest a gym like 24 hour fitness or LA to accommodate such needs.

    Also it is best that once you have a workout plan put together you limit your working out to a certain time frame because your body will tire easily if you spend too much time in the gym and by too much I mean spending hours doing what you came to do there. Its best to limit your time also because it will teach you to keep your heart rate up jumping from one machine or task to another.

    Just a few pointers! 😛 

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    The key to healthy, sustainable weightloss is developing and maintaining healthy habits over a long period of time.  There’s really no quick-fix solution.  That said, there are a few safe things you can do to shed a few pounds quickly, or to speed up the weight loss process (which can be essential to boosting motivation early in the weight loss process).  Cleansing your body of toxins is an important element in improving your body’s overall efficiency.  There are a few ways to accomplish this that vary in extremity, but at the bare minimum it involves cutting out all unhealthy, unnatural foods, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. and increasing your consumption of healthy, organic foods, especially fruits and veggies.  There are much more extreme detoxing regimens, such as the lemonade diet, but they’re not at all pleasant, nor are they terribly healthy.  Not only are fruits and vegetables high in fiber, but they frequently contain naturally detoxifying nutrients.  Drinking water is also a key element to weight loss. Srinking water curb your apetite, and being hydrated is key to keeping your digestive system and metabolism running smoothly, as well as flushing out toxins.  Spicy foods, especially chili sauce and mustard can also help to stimulate your metabolism.

    Again, it can not be stressed enough that weight loss takes time.  It requires commitment, self discipline, and an overall healthy lifestyle.  The tips given above will help speed up the process (especially early on) but they can’t be relied on to maintain your desired weight in the long run.

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    Three steps, following religiously:

    Drink nothing but water and unsweetened green tea, and lots of them. With every meal. 

    Exercise and be active. ALWAYS take the stairs, park further away. Do squats and punches in the morning..

    Eat Right. Just changing your diet will make you healthier and help you lose weight. Everything in moderation, except greens and water. Junk in extreme moderation. Eat a rainbow of foods.

    The trick is start doing everything above right now and not give up. You might feel like shit but stick to it.

    You might want to consider http://www.bodyrock.tv

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    Most of the people head for fad diet plans and even minimize their diet plan to successfully 50 % grapefruit, daily. This sort of eating habits could make it easier to lose fat, nonetheless it can deny your whole body of necessary nutrient elements and even hurt it in future. For this reason, you should not forget about meals, specially morning meal, mainly because it provides the strength to do the job during the daytime. Even so, be sure to opt for minimal fat food to minimize your current absorption of unhealthy calories.Knowing the basics of how to lose weight

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    A lot of people make use of fad diet plans as well as minimize their dietary plan to actually 50 percent grape fruit, per day. This kind of diet plan could make it easier to shed weight, however it will surely deny your whole body of necessary nutrient elements and even harm it in long-term. For this reason, you should not miss meals, specifically breakfast every day, mainly because it provides the strength to function during the working day. Even so, be sure to opt for reduced fat food items to reduce your current consumption of calories from fat.

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