What is the best way to level a yard and get grass to grow? We also have a lot of kudzu and briars!



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    Kudzu was intentionally brought to the US to help with soil erosion. Instead, it turned into an invasive species and an ecological nightmare. An invasive species, by defintion, is a plant from another place that is better adapted to local conditions than the natural vegetation. That means you are up for a fight!

    The second URL below describes how to eradicate kudzu — you aren’t going to like it. You must COMPLETELY destroy it, and you will need to coordinate efforts with your neighbors.

    One method is not mentioned, which is the way we got rid of kudzu. It probably isn’t practical for you, but it is worth knowing: Our orchard was reaching the end of its life, and we decided not to replant. There’s almost no rainfall in the area, and cutting off the water for years presumably has killed it all. That is, at least now we aren’t pruning it back.

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