What is the best way to know you are eating local?



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    Although there may not necessarily be an objective way of knowing that food on your plate is local, unless you have bought it directly from the source, at the supermarket you can take a look at food labels.  For example, in the fruit and vegetable section at the front of the grocery store, foods are often labelled by area of origin.  But one of the best ways to get local food is to visit your local farmer’s market.  Local Harvest lets you take a look at farmers markets near your location and they allow you to see which have organic food, great for a whole foods plant-based diet.

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    dturnbull87 is right about farmer’s markets. They are a great way to get local food. However, some farmer’s markets have the disadvantage of only being open at certain times of the year. Personally, I like shopping at a local fruit/vegetable stand. I like it because the food there is definitely seasonal, and food prices vary depending on how much of a certain crop is available. Sometimes certain items are not available at all when they are not in season, but I like it that way because it forces me to adjust my cooking habits to the seasons. Maybe you have a similar produce market in your area.

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    The best way to eat local is to grow your own food.  Short of that, you can visit local farms and CSA’s and establish where, when, and what they will be selling at different times of year.  This will ensure that you get the best price for the local food.  This food can then be frozen or preserved to ensure that you have a local food available when it is not in season.  Many foods, such as butternut squash, do not even need to be preserved or frozen.  This is essentially what supermarkets do, only you would be able to cut out the middleman, the shipping costs, and the health risks.  

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