What is the best way to introduce my kids to the environment?



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    I would probably say the best way to introduce your kids to the environment is by making them aware of their surroundings. By this i mean, you can start at home and chemicals/paper you use and the recycling methods (sorting) you get them used to. You can do family outdoor activities with your family as well in order to create an appreciation for nature and their natural surroundings. Just teaching them to be aware of the they type of ‘footprint’ their leave on earth.

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    Education and hands on experience. Teach your kids about the importance of respecting the environment and nature. Have them be active when it comes to recycling and throwing away garbage. Taking them to parks or on nature walks is also a good way to introduce your kids to the environment. I think that teaching kids to be responsible for their actions is very important throughout all of this because that way they know that what they not only affects others, but the planet as well.

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