What is the best way to heat up my hands if they get cold?



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    There are chemical hand-warmer packets, but those produce a lot of waste when used frequently. Here are some good, less wasteful ways to warm up your hands:

    Have a friend with warm hands rub yours.

    Put your hands in warm water.

    Drink water! Doing so “helps incease the volume of blood flowing to your digits”.

    Sit on your hands! It may seem silly, but it helps.

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    If you are without any other resources, such as hot water or a heater, rub your hands together (palms together) very quickly. This will heat up your hands. You can even then place your hands on your cheeks or other exposed skin to warm up that area.

    I have also found that wearing mittens instead of gloves keeps my hands warmer. It keeps your fingers together so they help to keep each other warm.

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    Blowing into your hands releasing hot carbon dioxide that may heat up your hand. If you are without hot water, you can buy those cheap ski heating packs. They work great and are very inexpensive. 

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