What is the best way of getting rid of the thorns on cactus apples?



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    There are couple ways to dealing with fruits with thorns. Cactus apples are not that different–my mom likes to use them in her kimchi. Two techniques my mother used was simply burning the thorns down, then scraping the rest of (obviously not cooking them in the process). Another, which I think I saw her do was applying her finger on the kitchen faucet, increasing the pressure to simply force the thorns out.

    I would try out the first technique because i’ve seen it done before and let me know how it turns out.

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    When preparing a cactus apple (also known as a prickly pear) to eat, you should wear heavy gloves (such as leather gloves or gardening gloves), and then place the pears under a blast of cold water. Use the pressure of the water and pressure from your fingers (pinching the area around the thorns, being careful not to press directly on the thorns) to remove the thin, hari-like throrns from the fruit.

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