What is the best way of getting rid of black sigatokka disease in a banana plantation?



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    Agripinoy.net (see first link below) recommends the following control measures: space plants so that their crowns do not overlap (this allows the fungus to spread more easily), remove leaves that are more than half infected, trim leaves less than half infected, make sure water drains well from the top soil to avoid overly humid climates, and make sure your plants have proper nutrition.

    The last point can’t be stressed enough – healthy plants have a better chance of fighting off a disease than do unhealthy plants salvaged only by chemical fungicide sprays (which are commercially available, but never recommended).

    Healthy plants need a healthy environment, which, in terms of human control, largely means healthy soils replete with diverse organic materials. A paper by Ebimieowei Etebu and Wabiye Young-Harry found that “proper management of organic matter using different crop residues as mulch builds up the soil fertility level, and substantially reduced the effect of the disease” (see second link below).

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    Export plantations often mix frequent application of fungicides and cultural practices (removal of affected leaves, interplanting with nonsusceptible plants, adequate spacing of plants, planting in partial shade, and efficient drainage) to control Black Sigatoka disease.

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