What is the best way to get rid of our trash?



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    Depends on what kind of trash!  Reuse as much of your waste as possible.  If you can’t reuse it, packaging like bottles or cans made of aluminum, glass, or plastic, should be recycled.  Paper waste should also be recycled.  The best way to deal with food waste is to compost it.  Composting not only keeps food waste out of the landfill, it is great fertilizer for your garden.  The best way to deal with trash, though, is to try to make less of it!  Reducing your consumption is the best way to reduce your trash output.

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    Buying products that come in easily recyclable packages is a great way to simply cut down on your garbage. Most soft plastic packaging is a lost cause, so buy things that come in glass, carboard, or hard, recyclable plastics. If your curbside recycling won’t take an item, try a recycling company, where you can usually bring in large applicances for free. Composting will also reduce what you throw into a landfill, since quite a bit of what we throw away is just food scraps (along with packaging materials). Composting is the greenest thing you can do with your garbage, because it gives back to the environment… namely, your garden!

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    All of these ideas above are great ideas and make a huge difference.  For everything leftover that we can’t compost, reuse, and still manageed to accumulate by living and breathing, we should look to introduce the technology that Europe has already begun to use: trash to energy!  They still prioritze recycling, but everythign leftover gets converted to fuel.  Ingenius!

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    The best way to get rid of trash is to reuse as much as possible. Recycling is next and you can just get a plastic bin from your town to start doing so. Finally, compost as much food as possible. All three of these ways are very easy and make a tremendous difference. 

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