What is the best way to get rid of old meds?



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    It’s best to avoid throwing them away or flushing them, because they can leach into the soil or water supplies. Throwing them in the trash also risks a child or pet finding them.

    Try calling your pharmacy, many have drug recycling programs.

    If you have to toss them in the trash, make sure it’s in a sealed plastic container…not the best for the environment, but safer for your kids and pets, and unfortunately one of the best options we have.

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    Check with your local pharmacy is they will take back your expired medications. Many pharmacies participate in a drug recycling program and will dispose of them for you if you take them in. Thay may also hold a periodic drive to collect old drugs. You can also contact your local hazardous waste facility to obtain instructions on how to dispose of them. There are also organizations that will take recycled medications and donate them to third world countries.

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    There are a couple of ways to dispose of old medicine. First, try and contact your pharmacy. Several pharmacies have a program that will dispose of them properly for you. You can also find a medical waste facility to take the medications too. If you want to remove them in home be sure to crush them as finely as possible and place them in a container before disposing of them.

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    Do not flush them down the toilet or pour them down the sink! Even in the trash there is some risk, firsts to kids/pets getting them OUT of the trash, then eventually to the groundwater.
    You can return them to your pharmacy which will see that they are properly disposed of.
    Also, if you put empty prescription containers in the trash, you should remove or obliterate your name and personal information from the label.

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