What is the best way to get rid of aphids and ant nests on my garden plants?

I tried ladybugs a few years ago but they all died. I also spray with dish soap and water but it seems to ruin the flower petals and isn’t efficiently getting rid of the aphids.



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    The ants are there to eat the sweet secrations from the aphids. They in turn protect the aphids from predators.

    To tackle the ants, surround your plants with pepper. Try planting cloves or mint in your garden to repel the ants. Once the ants are gone, you may consider ladybugs again for the aphids.

    Spraying garlic on aphids will kill them if the soap and water didn’t work. Plant coriander, garlic, chives or radish to repel them.

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    Beneficial insects, like parasitic wasps, can take care of aphid populations quickly and effectively, even if ants are there to protect them. But research beneficial insects before introducing them; it could do more damage in the end if they are introduced at the wrong time in the wrong place.

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