What is the best way to get rid of ants?



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    A good, cheap, and ecologically-friendly way is to sprinkle pepper around doors, windows, or wherever they congregate. This way you don’t have to worry about poisons near your food, kids, pets, or water supply.

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    There are a few natural ways to keep ants away from your home using things you may already have. You can try diatomaceous earth, ground cinnamon, catnip, dish soap, spearmint, or borax. I have found that laying a line of cinnamon across the threshhold where the ants are getting in stops them in their tracks.

    Check out the link below for instructions.

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    Be proactive!

    1. Do the dishes regularly.
    2. Wipe down your kitchen counters with bleach water every night.
    3. Clean your room and pick up food wrappers.
    4. Seal door sills, window sills, and mend broken screens.
    5. Mop floors with bleach regularly.
    6. Put food and leftovers (especially sweets and starches) in containers that seal tightly.
    7. Take out the trash as often as possible.

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    I agree to the answers already provided but disagree to that of dzwinkler because it was not stated the type of pepper to sprinkle. Moreover, ants tend to feed on some types of pepper.

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