What is the best way to get protein besides meat?



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    This Web site gives five different options for getting protein if you’re on a meat-free diet.


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    Beans, including black beans, lentils, and soy products are good sources of protein. Eggs also provide protein. There are many “protein bars” for sale that provide protein and other nutrients for people who do not eat meat.

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    Other great (meatless) protein sources are tempeh, quinoa, and almonds. Tempeh is a great substitute in meat dishes because its texture is both a bit chewy and slightly tough. Quinoa can, often times, be a great switch from rice–it is lighter and full of protein. 

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    There was a question earlier that relates to this and here was my answer..

    As I was a vegan for 4 years and tried all the “fake” meats out there, Gardein is my favorite. No, I don’t work for them or anything, but they’re fantastic! Specifically the “grilled chicken” looking patties and chicken strips make excellent sandwiches and dinners. http://www.gardein.com/recipes.php These are great references. 

    Another good one is Quorn. http://www.quorn.us/Products/

    They’re not quite vegan, but a great vegetarian meat that really cooks well and tastes great. 

    Personally, I don’t like the fake sandwich meats or sausages- they taste really off. And tofu takes a lot of practice and cooking to get just right. Normally I douse mine in some sort of condiment, and therefore have a fridge full of various sauces. 

    Boca Burger makes a great beef crumble if you want a good sloppy joe or something of that sort. They’re not organic, but once in while the craving comes and it’s a good replacement. 

    The best way to get your protein is to stay NATURAL. Processed faux-meats that I’ve listed above are great and easy to switch over to, but not the healthiest. 

    I’d say the healthiest way is to use things that have been eaten for centuries:


    Plants+Legumes= Complete Protein (Beans and rice, peas and rice, etc.)

    Other Complete Proteins:

    Tofu (soybeans, soy milk, etc.)

    Quinoa (Tastes and looks like cous-cous, cooks like brown rice)

    Read more: http://greenanswers.com/q/234048/food-agriculture/dietary-choices/vegetarian-vegan/what-are-some-good-substitutes-meat-and-p#ixzz1LWtCc513

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    BeWellBuzz notes the best non-meat protein sources as:

    1. Soy

    2. Lentils

    3. Tofu

    4. Red Kidney Beans

    5. Cheese (raw and organic)

    6. Yogurt

    7. Seitan 

    8. Spirulina

    9. Seeds

    10. Nuts

    Check out the link to learn more! 

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