What is the best way to get people aware of deforestation?



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    There are many different ways of promoting environmental solutions. TV, radio, and newspaper ads, but also shifting web topics towards more green-conscious issues. Deforestation could also be promoted by green videogames or tales. Building a conscience to protect the planet from deforestation can be fostered by “plant-a-tree” programs sponsored by local or higher government.

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    There are any number of ways to communicate to people about the problems of deforestation.  Commercials, news stories, posters on public transportation and radio ads will reach millions of Americans.  But the best way to get people to care, is to show them how it will negatively affect them.  When people believe they will personally be affected, either monitarily or through other negative consequences, they will be more likely to change thier habits and work for a cause.

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    Awareness and education. Many people are unaware of the environmental results of deforestation and seldom understand the consequences. It is also important to understand why all these trees are being used and what they are being used for. Educating consumers on which products to buy to ensure that they choose ones with the least impact would be a wonderful step in the right direction.

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    Visually.  A lot of people know about (and live by) the saying “believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see”.  Pictures will give a great representation, but even then somep eople will chalk it up to graphics.  Movies would help, documentaries.  The best thing would have them see it in person, though this isn’t always possible.  There are areas of deforestation all over, so I would recommend discussing one locally and if possible, going to visit.

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