What is the best way to get more fuel economy in a Toyota prius?



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    The Prius gets the worst mileage when it is first started up. The car needs some time to warm up and function at maximum capacity, so it is best to get all of your errands done in a single run if possible to avoid having to start up the car and run it cold multiple times. The Prius typically gets the best mileage at speeds off 55mph or less, and setting the cruise control is always a good idea (reducing your speed from 75 to 70 or other 5mph increments at higher speeds can save you 5 mpg).

    Getting a better understanding of “gliding” in a Prius can improve efficiency over time. This means slowing to a stop and accelerating gradually, especially for city driving. Low octane gasoline and the correct tire pressure ensures more fuel economy. Toyota recommends trying different routes and watching your efficiency so you can select the most economic routes.

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    The first thing that you can do is drive more efficiently. This means cutting down on aggressive driving, speeding, rapid acceleration and braking. This can lower your gas mileage by as much as 33%! Keep your car in good condition and tuned up; this can improve your gas mileage by as much as 4%. Try to combine errands into one long trip while your engine is warm instead of making several shorter trips with cold starts. Finally, if you still aren’t getting the gas mileage that you want, think about trading in for a more fuel efficient vehicle like the popular Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf.  

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