What is the best way to fly with a guitar, or is shipping it the better choice?

I have a priceless guitar that I want with me when I fly home. What is the best method for doing that without causing damage to it. (Buying the guitar a seat on the plane is not an option for me.)



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    If you don’t want to stow your guitar under the plane, not recommended, you can see if they will stow it in a cabin on the plane. Also, some airlines can fit a guitar inside the overhead bins. If it is a flat guitar you may be able to put it in a garment bag and ask the flight attendant to put it in the coat closet. Everything varies for different airlines; I would recommend calling the airline ahead just to check. If none of these options are available to you, then shipping it would be a better choice. Call the airlines first, it never hurts to ask.

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