What is the best way to find out about all the electric vehicles that I can buy?



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    Really what you want is a comparison guide, but unfortunately I don’t know of any good ones that exist for EV’s. Therefore the next best thing, since you just want to know what is out there, is to check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_production_battery_electric_vehicles_(table)

    One more thing – I know this isn’t for electric vehicles (only hybrids), but it’s worth checking this out too. This is on the EPA site and it lets you directly compare any hybrid from a given year.

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    A good place to start would be with Autoblog Green: http://green.autoblog.com/.

    Also, the Electric Auto Association (http://www.eaaev.org/index.html) has a publication called Current EVents that may be useful.  You have to become a member to get it.

    Electrifying Tiimes is my favorite.  It is a publication that costs $3.95 and you can order it online at http://www.electrifyingtimes.com/.

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