What is the best way to fight light pollution?



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    Turn off the lights if possible. That means choosing alternatives such as candlelight and natural light. Pick a lighting fixture that suits your needs in terms of size–how big of an area do you need to light? Reduce glare and direct light where it is needed. Always choose energy saving bulbs, which cut down on energy use, which helps not only the planet but your wallet.

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    The method for best reducing light pollution depends on exactly what the problem is in a given instance. Possible solutions include:

    • Utilizing light sources of minimum intensity necessary to accomplish the light’s purpose.
    • Turning lights off using a timer or occupancy sensor or manually when not needed.
    • Improving lighting fixtures, so that they direct their light more accurately towards where it is needed, and with less side effects.
    • Adjusting the type of lights used, so that the light waves emitted are those that are less likely to cause severe light pollution problems.
    • Evaluating existing lighting plans, and re-designing some or all of the plans depending on whether existing light is actually needed.


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